FINISHIT Press release 1

Press Release #1: FINISHIT? Kyfak's Just Getting Started.

Summary:  FINISHIT VIP Launch Party - Guelph, ON - took place on Dec 3rd, at the Boardroom Cafe.  Kyfak partnered with the University of Guelph Alumni, Royal City Brewing Company, Print Ninja, and The Boardroom to launch Kyfak's new game called FINISHIT.  Tons of prizes were given away! People laughed; people drank; kids coloured; tons of photos were taken; and FINISHIT products were sold.  Check out the photos!


FINISHIT in Guelph Today

Guelph entrepreneurs bring FINISHIT to the board game table.

Summary: New made-in-Guelph board game launched at Boardroom Cafe, Dec. 3rd, 2016.

Jamie & Jeff at Boardroom2

Guelph Alumni Join Forces to Launch new Party Game, The Ontarion, Dec. 7, 2016

Summary: U of Guelph alumni, Jeff Huber and Jamie Doran launched a new party game called FINISHIT.  Their new start-up company is called Kyfak, and they partnered with two other local businesses run by Guelph alumni, The Boardroom Cafe and Royal City Brewing Company to celebrate the launch of FINISHIT.  


Press Release #2: New Table-Top Game Comes Home to Peterborough

Summary:  FINISHIT Launch Party - Peterborough, ON - took place on Dec 10th, at the Olde Stone Brewing Company & Restaurant.  Kyfak partnered with Trent University Alumni, and Print Ninja, to bring FINISHIT back to the inventors home town.  Of course there were really fun audience participation games designed to help the attendees learn how to play FINISHIT and, at the same time, earn chances to win tons of prizes. 

PTBO Launch

FINISHIT, in Peterbrough: Trent Alumni News; Dec 14, 2016

Summary: Trent Alumni, Jamie Doran, celebrates the launch of a new table top party game called FINISHIT.  Kyfak Inc is a new toy and game company started by Jeff Huber and Jamie Doran as a vehicle for getting fun products like FINISHIT, to market.



Kyfak Joins GAMA, The Game Manufacturers Association; March 7, 2017

Kyfak is serious about games and toys and we're especially proud to join the Game Manufacturers Association.  The first order of business was to attend GAMA2017 in Las Vegas.  This is an exclusive tradeshow for game designers, game manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and buyers.  Read more about Kyfak's experience in our blog.